Removing fitted wardrobes in the bedroom (and hunting for original features)

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Since the layout of my master bedroom is the same as the living room directly below, there should be a chimney breast and two alcoves behind the fitted wardrobes. Possibly some original features like cornicing. Possibly even an original Victorian fireplace. I was curious…

Four mirrored wardrobe door panels in the master bedroom


Some of the bedroom’s non-original features include a paper-thin carpet, brown walls, ugly radiator pipes and an out of place modern light fitting. The wall to ceiling fitted wardrobes consisted of a plywood carcass covered by four 2 metre high sliding mirrored doors (that didn’t slide very well) and a plasterboard wall. Overall the room felt dusty and neglected so I was eager to start work in there.

This blog post explains how I took the wardrobes out and what I found behind them!



You can see in the photo above that the ceiling has a been boarded over along the length of wall on the right-hand side. Poking into the plasterboard with a screwdriver revealed that this covers a steel beam which supports the loft conversion above. It’s ugly but there’s not much I can do about it.

Removing the sliding doors

Before getting to work I packed up all non-essential items into plastic crates and bin bags then stored everything upstairs.

Taking the mirrored door panels off was easy enough. They were attached to wheeled brackets which ran along a metal rail.

Top of mirrored sliding doors showing metal rail/runner

Close up of mirrored panel support

We* couldn’t lift the doors off the metal rail so we just undid the screws on the brackets behind them.

*’We’ means my partner and I – unfortunately for him dismantling the fitted wardrobes was a two person job!

Man unfastening the top of a mirrored wardrobe door

No going back now

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