Start of the New Year means restarting the DIY

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Work in the bedroom stopped around October in the run up to Christmas. The DIY clutter scattered around the house was tidied away and everything made ready for visitors. The luxury of free time over the festive break meant I rediscovered my love for creative crafts. I decided to make an advent calendar.

Heart shaped metal frame with 24 mini stockings hung on

Homemade advent calendar.

I made the stockings using a paper template and an old pair of jeans. The copper heart is a picture holder from Sass and Belle with battery operated fairy lights wrapped round the outside. I bought the silver numbered beads from eBay. Altogether I spent about £18. Each of the stockings is unique and the designs are made up of the crafty bits collected in my sewing box. Here are some of my favourites.

Denim advent stocking with multicoloured beads in a circle to form a wreath.

Beaded wreath.

Reindeer advent stocking

Reindeer in snowglobe.

Advent stocking with a green and black double bow with centre bead detail.

Double bow with bead detail.

Advent stocking with snowman and beads.

Beady-eyed snowman.

But back to the DIY! At the end of my last blog post the bedroom looked like this.

Wall with partial wooden wardrobes on one alcove, bar wall with clothes rail on the other alcove.

Work in progress.

Over a few weekends from last August to October we continued taking out the rest of the panels and frame. Removing the panel directly in front of the chimney breast revealed the worst of the mould (I’ve previously blogged about the cause).

Black spots of mould on the entire wall

More mould.

Next there was the carcass in the left hand alcove to take out.

Wardrobe panels and frame in alcove

Nearly done!

We removed the panels and found even more cobwebs and mould.

Brown and black mould spots and cobwebs

Mould spots – exterior wall next to bay window.

Alcove in bedroom covered with mould spots from floor to ceiling

Frame removed. Extent of floor to ceiling mould revealed.

I spent that evening washing down the walls with bleach and anti-mould spray. The next task was to take up the base of the wardrobes.

Floorboards with a plywood base on top

Base with original fire hearth underneath.

Using a wrecking bar to lever up the base.

Levering up the base with a wrecking bar.

It didn’t take too long but there was a problem levering out some 4-inch nails hammered into the concrete hearth underneath.

It was such a relief once all the wardrobe frame was loaded into the car for the tip. There was a bare patch of exposed floorboards where the base used to be so I bought a carpet remnant for £5 from a local company as a temporary measure. Didn’t expect to find carpet in a colour to match but got lucky.

Beige carpeted bedroom floor

Temporary carpet – bargain!

Christmas came and went. This is what the bedroom looks like now – back to muck and mess! Today it’s the first working weekday of the New Year and I’ve got an electrician round fitting an extra socket in the alcove. A plumber and a plasterer are ready to start in the next couple of weeks.

Bedroom showing chimney breast with half the plaster chipped off exposing brickwork underneath

I’ll explain about the chimney breast in my next blog post!

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