A room of one’s own: finishing touches and the big reveal (part 2)

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In my previous blog post I’d started to prep the study ready for decorating, so I’ll continue where I left off…

Step 5: add a new radiator

The old radiator was in an awkward position at the entrance to the room so there wasn’t much clearance to open the door. When the fire doors were installed I had the new door frame moved across a couple of inches to help solve this problem.

You can just about see in the photo below that the pipes came out through the skirting too, rather than up through the floorboards. Keeping the pipes like this would have caused problems when fitting the skirting.

Old single panel radiator underneath low window in study, bare floorboards and tools everywhere

Old single panel radiator

I wanted a radiator slim enough to fit next to the door, that was traditional in style and that had enough output to heat the room.

First I had to calculate how much radiator power was needed in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Factors that affect the BTU output needed include the size of the room, the number of windows and if the room is insulated. After a quick Google I found several online BTU calculators but each one I tried asked different questions and resulted in figures ranging from 1470 BTUs to 3110 BTUs. That’s a considerable difference and meant I might spend £100 more than necessary. Local plumbers also gave differing results. I decided to take the average of these figures – seemed sensible enough!

I ended up buying the Acova 2-column traditional style radiator along with a Pegler thermostatic radiator valve from Screwfix.

I also had to deal with this little problem…

Exposed brickwork underneath window where the plaster has fallen off

Some of the wall fell off!

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